High Profile Cases

Apgar Murder Trial- Acquitted in fatal shooting of a 19 year old in self-defense.

Skin Head Murders- Two brothers and a cousin beat mother, father and brother to death in their home

Roos Murder Trial- Acquitted in fatal shooting of one brother and wounding another

Lehigh University Murders- Commonwealth vs. Bissey in shooting of two female university students.

Robert Acker Murder Case- Accused in death of estranged wife after her body was discovered down an embankment in Pennsylvania.

* Michael Morton Murder Case- Accused of beating his wife to death in Texas.

Laurie Show Murder Case- Brutal murder of sixteen year old over a boyfriend just before Christmas 1991.

Paul Crafton, Mystery Professor- The Mystery Professor who used false identities to secure jobs at several universities to pay for daughter’s medical expenses.

Lillie Belle Allen Murder Case- Shooting death that occurred during the York Race Riots of the 1960’s, brought to trial in 2002.

* Teenager and the Troll- Ralph Longenecker was antagonized by local high school kids until a confrontation one night in 1988 that resulted in a shooting.