Firearms Examination

Forensic Scientific Investigations examines and identifies firearms, weapons, casings, bullets and similar evidence of crime scenes to analyze and reconstruct the events occurring during crimes.  We also conduct scientific tests of firearms and firearm evidence, analyzing such evidence to provide expert testimony as to the results of the examiners findings.


Test Fire

Forensic Scientific Investigations test fires to determine the operability of weapons, including trigger pull pressure and ejection patterns.  Test firing is also conducted to determine the approximate distance/angle of muzzle to the target based on G.S.R. (gun shot residue).


Trajectory Analysis (Ballistics)

At crime scenes, we analyze, with the use of various equipment, including lasers, the trajectory of bullets.


Terminal Ballistics

We analyze and examine the bullets to determine what occurred to a bullet after striking the target, ricocheting and possibly striking multiple targets.