Accident Reconstruction

The function of accident reconstruction and analysis is one of definition.  Such definition should be clear, concise and objective.


*Establish specific shapshots (the actions) of the accident based upon evidence found.


*Consider these actions in light of what they establish individually, then in relation

and combination with other actions.


*Decide how supportable each action is based upon the evidence available.


*Order or sequence the entire series of actions, using specific sequencing evidence

and common sense.


*Where contradictions and questions arise, audit the actions of concern looking for

indications to help decide what happened.


*Using the actions and evidence established, define the events and our overall

conclusions about the accident.  We decide these conclusions based on all known



The end product of this reconstruction is a defined view of the accident.  We may not understand the “why” behind the actions but we do know they occurred.  In effect, this product is an investigative framework.  Depending upon the nature of the scene and evidence available, this framework may be quite strong providing focused investigative considerations.  It might also be weak, with few specific supportable actions.


Whatever the case, from this framework we can expand our considerations to any investigative issue necessary.  Using deductive and inductive reasoning skills and all of our normal investigative resources, we may then attempt to make a final conclusion/opinion as to what may have occurred.