About Forensic Scientific Investigations

Forensic Scientific Investigations, LLC. is owned and operated by Richard W. Jeffries, and is providing criminal and civil investigations to the business community, legal professions, insurance industry, and governmental agencies. Our associates have extensive years of training and education in the investigative field. This accumulated know-how and experience enables them to consistently offer existing and potential clients a varied range of services with expertise and the highest degree of professionalism.

Specializing in homicide, FSI has conducted hundreds of investigations and reconstructions in Texas, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Mexico, Connecticut, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, and other locations. FSI has been consistently involved in high profile media cases such as the Skin Head murders, the Mystery Professor, the Troll and the Teenager, the Laurie Show murder, the Lillie Belle Allen case, and many more. Mr. Jeffries is a trained and experienced investigator on such topics as death investigations, wound interpretation, homicide, sex related crimes, evidence evaluation, forensic sciences, forensic photography, blood stain interpretation, fingerprints, crime scene reconstruction, ballistics, and small arms weapons. He is court qualified as an expert witness in crime scene presentation and reconstruction, evidence evaluation, firearms and ballistics

Mr. Jeffries has also been a competitive shooter with extensive training in the field of firearms and ammunition, ballistics, and firearms training. FSI provides lectures on these topics to law enforcement and various other agencies. Our associates have toured the facilities and observed the processes involved in the manufacture of firearms and ammunition with Colt, Smith and Wesson, and Ruger. Mr. Jeffries is a firearms instructor with various other agencies.  He has toured the facilities and observed the processes involved in the manufacture of firearms and ammunition with Colt, Smith and Wesson, and Ruger.  He is a member and firearms instructor with the National Rifle Association, and as such, has all of their technical information available to him.  Mr. Jeffries has fired various types of firearms and ammunition in several areas of the country and has performed numerous tests and comparisons in the field of firearms and ballistics.  Extensive research and identification on the topic of firearms and ballistics has led Mr. Jeffries to be a recognized expert in these fields.  Mr. Jeffries has worked and trained with others considered masters in the field of firearms and investigation.  Richard W. Jeffries has attended seminars and training with those who are known as world class trainers in the civilian and law enforcement fields, including Greg Hamilton and John Holshen of Insights Training Center, John Farnam of D.T.I., Chris Caracci of Navy Seals Seal Team Six, Rich Gee, Gunsite Training Center, John Shaw, three time world champion, of Mid-South Institute, Massad Ayoob of Lethal Force Institute, and many more.  In 1989 Richard W. Jeffries and associates formed Forensic Scientific Investigations.

The use of technical and reconstructive services from numerous fields enables Forensic Scientific Investigations to present the judicial system, both civil and criminal, a variety of forensic services for the ultimate presentation of the facts in legal proceedings.